Farming Forward

people49.jpgIf you have always dreamed of running your own farm or of helping to build a truly sustainable food system, now is the time to apply!  Check out the REGIONS page for links to all our member farms, and for updates on the availability of intern positions. Member farms manage their own application process so please apply directly to any farms that interest you.

1 comment to Farming Forward

  • Hi, I’m an ecological farmer in Indiana & part of a group of farmers that would like to get a program like CRAFT going in our area. I noticed that you have a publication entitled “Nurturing New Farmers” or something like that, is there any way I can purchase this book? I’d also like to purchase the “Oh, to Grow” handbook for interns as we are attempting to get an internship program going this spring. If you have any other resources, other than the publications, that might help us in our efforts it would be greatly appreciated. Your program seems like a model to be emulated across our continent!
    Thanks for any help you can provide.