"What is CRAFT Ontario?"
CRAFT Ontario (The Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training in Ontario) is an informal, member-driven organization made up of more than a dozen southern Ontario organic farms. CRAFT Ontario farms are all distinct but they share several things in common. Each CRAFT farm:
  • offers a full-season farming internship (details of these internships vary from farm to farm - see farm descriptions);
  • practices organic agriculture;
  • takes part in an annual joint-application process designed to provide increased selection/choice for applicants;
  • is committed to bringing their interns to all six of the CRAFT field trips.
The goal of CRAFT Ontario is to enhance the internships offered by its member farms. The primary method of doing this is to offer monthly field trips which take place at selected CRAFT farms.

CRAFT field trips are attended by all 40+ CRAFT interns and farmers. These field trips and other CRAFT activities are intended to:
  • strengthen the interns' and farmers' skills and their understanding of organic farming and gardening;
  • expose interns to a wider range of growing and management practices than they would receive on one farm;
  • Build a network of farmers and interns, creating a more cohesive organic growing community.

"What happens at the CRAFT Ontario Field Trips?"
The CRAFT field trip schedule includes field trips to six of the CRAFT farms. CRAFT field trips are on the second Wednesday of every month, from 9 am - 4pm. All farms will arrange for their interns to participate fully each field trip. The itinerary for each CRAFT field trip is as follows:
  • a talk or workshop on a specific topic/activity that is an important element of a sustainable farm (e.g. farm equipment, soil fertility, livestock care, business planning.)
  • a pot-luck lunch
  • a farm tour/field-walk
  • a work project or group activity
"How does a farm internship work?"
Each farm is unique so you need to review the farm descriptions and contact the farms that interest you for more details. Basically a farm internship works like this:
  • You live on a farm for most or all of a full growing season (roughly April-November depending on the farm).
  • During that time you gain hands-on experience by doing lots of farm work and you learn from the farmer(s).
  • Each CRAFT farm is also committed to taking its intern(s) to the monthly CRAFT field trips.
  • A farm may also offer other training such as added fields trips, seminars, books, special projects or responsibilities.

"How do I become a farm intern?"
Contact the CRAFT Farms that interest you for application details. Most farms accept applications year-round but the best time to apply is before February 8th . Applying before this date gives you the best chance of receiving an internship offer from one of the CRAFT farms. Please inquire with individual farms to find out if they are accepting applications following the deadline.

What if I want to apply to more than one CRAFT Ontario farm?"
It's often hard to know which farm you'd like to intern at. We have an application process that allows you to apply to multiple farms.