CRAFT North Eastern Ontario

Welcome to CRAFT North Eastern Ontario!
We believe that Northern Ontario in general offers a unique opportunity for new farmers. The availability of relatively inexpensive farm land and a growing market for local food products and CSA shares makes the area attractive.  Our node is still rather new and we are working hard to expand our network of farms offering internships for the future. Along with training of apprentices, we offer opportunities for other farmers and the general public to learn about the activities and approaches on our farms, and so during educational days, apprentices may meet and interact with a wide range of interested community members from around the region. In addition, interns have the opportunity to visit additional CRAFTsites in the region who are not hosting interns for further educational opportunities and hands-on experience.
How to Become a CRAFT intern in North Eastern Ontario
To become a CRAFT intern in North Eastern Ontario, please follow the instructions specific to each farm. If applying to more than one farm, apply to each separately.

How to Become a CRAFT farm in North Eastern Ontario
To become a CRAFT farm in North Eastern Ontario you must:
  • Be a functioning farm
  • Offer a full-season sustainable farming internship (details of these internships vary from farm to farm)
  • Operate your farm in a sustainable manner that fits with the Principles of Organic Agriculture – but farms are NOT required to be certified organic.
  • Send your intern(s) to monthly CRAFT field trips when available – field trip schedule to be determined with input from all participating farms
  • Participate in planning meetings for CRAFT North Eastern Ontario
  • Farms are encouraged to host an “education day” for all CRAFT North Eastern Ontario interns on their farm.
Each farm may organize its internship as they see fit; however, all internships must involve an exchange or labour (by the intern) for education and hands-on farming experience (from the farmer).
If you would like to become a CRAFT farm in North Eastern Ontario, please contact Allison Muckle of Rowantree Farms:

Farms offering internships in North Eastern Ontario for 2014 are listed below:




Photos of 2011 Season Farm Tours:





    Intercropping with Tomatoes - Dalew Farms




    Touring the fields at Dalew Farms







    Pastured Turkeys at Rowantree Farms

    The Three Sisters Garden at Our Garden

    Chatting in front of a moveable hoophouse - Rowantree Farms

    Sunflower Sprouts at Heart & Soil Gardens






    Preparing a beautiful lunch at Our Garden