Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market: The Food You Love, Growers You Know…

‘Your Market’ is located just in the Optimist Recreation Centre, near to the Puslinch Public Library and the Puslinch Community Centre. All these three buildings are part of the Puslinch Community Park, which has a large parking lot at 23 Brock Rd South, Puslinch, ON. If you’re coming from Hwy. 401, you will take exit 299 and continue 3 km north on Brock Road.

Then you will turn left (west) into the Puslinch Community Park’s large parking lot. If you are coming from Guelph, you will drive a few hundred metres just south of Brock Road’s intersection with Wellington County Road 34. Turn right (west) into the Puslinch Community Park’s parking lot.

Organic vegetables in the basket


We take the time to visit our growers, crafters, and producers to learn more about what goes into your market. 

Dairy Products

cheese, curds, dips, etc.

Direct Trade Coffee

beans, ground or brewed


chicken, duck & quail

Arts & Crafts

beautiful & practical handmade items

Baked Goods

bread, cookies, cupcakes, tarts

Bedding Plants

flowers, herbs, vegetable


freshly cut, locally grown


apples, peaches, plums, strawberries, nectarines…


soft and aromatic


dill, basil, garlic, coriander…

Honey & Syrup

maple syrup, comb & liquid honey


beef, lamb, turkey, pork, chicken, rabbit


bread, veggies soap


hand made fresh and frozen

Prepared Foods

meat pies, chilies, soups…


jams, chutneys, sauces, dressings


leafy greens, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans…

Local Services

Find a local provider of personal and professional services.

Farmers’ Market Beer

Farmers’ Beer

On June the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market will host the launch of a very special summertime beer by Wellington Brewery. Made with locally grown ingredients, sourced from growers working together with the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market. This event will celebrate the results of a unique collaboration and shine the spotlight on a number of area growers. For those ‘serious’ about their craft beers, this event will also include a series of guided tastings by the brew master himself.

Name of the new beer: Farmers Market Rhubarb Saison

Just in time for Canada Day, Wellington has crafted a flavourful summertime Saison with a twist. This crisp and refreshing beer has a mild wheat body with spicy notes of clove and black pepper from the farmhouse style yeast. Working with the Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market locally grown rhubarb was hand-picked by growers from across the region. The addition of the rhubarb provides a slightly sour and tart finish. Creating a beverage that is best enjoyed outdoors!

The Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market invited vendors from farmers’ markets in Guelph and Wellington County to participate in supplying more than 200 pounds of rhubarb for this project. Participating farmers contributed from 10 to 100 pounds each.

Participating Growers:

Matthew Bulmer, Manager, Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market Nathan Klassen, Vendor, Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market Helge Knudsen, Vendor, Guelph Farmers Market Luke Hartung, Vendor, Minto Farmers’ Market

The Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market

It is a community run market that was incorporated as a not for profit in 2010. Our volunteers have dedicated their time to create a farmer first, producer focused market that has quickly become known as a friendly place for folks to gather on a Saturday morning. Since the market started in 2011, we have sought out opportunities to collaborate with others that are equally committed to enhancing the local economy and are honoured to have this opportunity to work with Wellington Brewery.

Event Location: Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market

Address: 23 Brock Rd S, Aberfoyle

Market Hours: 8 am to 1 pm

For additional Information please contact: Matthew Bulmer Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market Manager

Phone: 519 823 1695

young girl - farmer holds basket with vegetables

Area Trails

Puslinch Township has a wide variety of natural spaces that can fill out your market day. Whether you are traveling by car or bicycle, many of these beautiful locations are only minutes from the market.


There is a lot of terminology around food and farming these days. Here is some information about some of these terms that may help you better appreciate the variety of ways farmers grow your food:

Canadian Organic Standards – These are federally approved criteria for the certification of organically produced food. Any food which is organically certified under the Canadian Organic Standards can carry the logo below.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – an environmentally sensitive approach o pest management that relies on information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. This information is used to manage pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.

Local Food Plus – This group offers a “Certified Local Sustainable” certification to farmers and processors who work to employ sustainable production systems that reduce or eliminate synthetic pesticides and fertilizers; avoid the use of hormones, antibiotics, and genetic engineering; conserve soil and water, provide safe and fair working conditions for farm labour, provide healthy and humane care for livestock; protect and enhance wildlife habitat and biodiversity on working farm landscapes, and reduce on-farm energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Locally Produced – This refers to the production of food from a source generally agreed to be within a two- to three-hour drive of the end consumer of the food.

My Pick – The MyPick program certifies that approved farmers are the producers of the food they are selling and aren’t resellers.

No Till – This is a system for planting crops without plowing and without using herbicides to control weeds, resulting in reduced soil erosion and the preservation of soil nutrients.

Organic – Organic farming relies on the natural relationship between soil, plants, and animals (animals nourish the soil, which nourish plants), and prohibits the use of man-made chemicals.